The Natural World

by Chris Crockett

Featured Art: Cosmic Eye, by John Schriner

The moon rises
to the left of the kitchen sink.

I go outside to check on
the world’s artistry:

Moths and stars;
bats whose blind ping-pings

pinpoint insects,
accurate as an adding machine.

Horses are head down in the soup
of flooded grass fields;

All day long
they solve their hunger.

Everything partners and trades
nutrients. Billions

unseen in the black roots.
Inaudible hum.

My fingers  keep time
to a barely comprehended

background beat.

Chris Crockett is a technology consultant in the agricultural segment. he has been active in many countries in the Middle East and Africa. He has a long-standing interest in the performing arts and poetry and was a Director of Poets Theatre in Cambridge, Mass. He is a graduate of University of Virginia and Johns Hopkins. He currently lives in Ipswich, Mass.

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