Poems and Poets On Screen (issue 26)

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Ohio Stories (issue 25)

  • Shadow and Shine: Ohio in the Literary Imagination, by Jana Tigchelaar
  • “On the Lip of Lake Erie”: Toni Morrison’s Ohio Aesthetic, by Dustin Faulstick
  • The Importance and Depth of “Ohio” in Two Poems by Rita Dove and Ai, by Marcus Jackson
  • Buckeye Sci-Fi: “Does Anything Exciting ever Happen Around Here”, by Christopher A. Sims
  • Sometimes a Vague Notion, by David Armstrong

Tony Hoagland on: The Wild, The Cold, the Unknown (issue 24)

Gems of the 21st (issue 23)

  • Art Is Long, Planets Short: The Lasting Power of Carol Ann Duffy’s “The Woman in the Moon”, by Adrienne Su
  • “Gender’s Tidy Little Story”: On Stacey Waite’s “The Kind of Man I Am at the DMV”, by Emily Mohn-Slate
  • What Essy Stone Done to Us, by Anders Carlson-Wee
  • Speculative Solutions to the Political Poem: Ann Killough “Statue of Liberty”, by Tony Hoagland
  • “Your Body Everywhere”: Time and Forgiveness in Carl Phillips’s “Since You Ask”, by Chiyuma Elliott
  • “Arch-Talk” and the Postmodern Gall of Josh Bell and Mark Bibbins, by Keith Kopka
  • Stumbling into the Sublime: Claire Bateman’s “Another Poem on Blue”, by Veronica Schuder
  • The Present Deeply: The 21st Century Love Poem, by Mario Chard

Of Essays and Exes (issue 22)

  • Writing What You Know and Whom You’ve Known, by Joey Franklin
  • What Binds Them Together, by Rachael Peckham
  • More than a Vanished Husband: Jo Ann Beard’s “The Fourth State of Matter”, by Holly Baker
  • Breakup, Break Down, Break Open: Intimate Partner Violence and Life Inside a Daily Ending, by Sonya Huber
  • On Breaking Up with the Dream of Your Former Self: Megan Daum’s “My Misspent Youth”, by Kelly Kathleen Ferguson
  • In Search of the First Person Singular, by Ned Stuckey-French
  • On Natalia Ginzburg’s “Human Relations”, by Dinah Lenney

The Villains of Poetry (issue 21)

  • On Being Asked to Contribute to the Villains Feature, by Richard Cecil
  • Villainous Villanelle, by Denise Duhamel
  • Milton’s Satan and the Grammar of Evil, by Kimberly Johnson
  • The Pleasures of Browning’s Villains, by Robert Cording
  • The Villain Who Shut Down and Epic, by Jeanne Murray Walker
  • “Guilt Is Magical”: Adultery as Poetic Villainy, by Catherine Pierce
  • Maker and Prophet: Frank Bidart and the Mask of “Herbert White”, by Mario Chard
  • The Unredeemed Villain?: Ai’s “Child Beater”, by Denise Duhamel
  • Villains of Confessionalism, by Kathryn Nuernberger

Fictional Politicos (issue 20)

  • Buzz Can Happen Here: Sinclair Lewis and the New American Fascism, by Michael Mark Cohen
  • “This Time I’m Going to Fool Somebody”: Willie Stark and the Politics of Humiliation, by Dustin Faulstick
  • Take Me to Your Lady Leader, by Kristen Lillvis
  • Of the People, for the People, by the Robots, by Christopher A. Sims

Manipulating the Reader (issue 19)

  • I Second that Emotion, by Rebecca McClanahan
  • Tell It Cool: On Writing with Restraint, by Debra Marquart
  • Staying with Argos: Odysseus and His Dog, by A-J Aronstein
  • Yeats and Heaney: The Poetry Without the Pity, by C.L. Dallat
  • Designs Less Palpable: Emotional Manipulation and Even-Handedness in Keats, by Matthew VanWinkle

Interviews (issue 18)

  • Conversation with Amy Bloom, by James Miranda
  • Conversation with Marie Howe, by Brad Modlin

Uses & Abuses of Dialogue (issue 17)

  • A Trompe L’Oeil for the Mind’s Ear, by J. Robert Lennon
  • Staying on the Elevator, by Peter Mountford
  • Inside the Cave-Speak of Saunders, by Leslie Daniels
  • I Deserve Two Firing Squads: Dialogue and Conflict in Fiction, by Robert Anthony Siegel
  • A Brief Personal History of Dialogue, by Kelly Luce
  • The Dialogue of Gesture and Silence, by Alyce Miller
  • Dialogue: The Footfall of Its Wandering, by Darrell Spencer
  • That Dialogue Assignment, by Rebecca Makkai

Poems and Literal Truth (issue 16)

  • Should Poems Tell the Truth?, by Lawrence Raab
  • Truthiness Demands, by Daisy Fried
  • Where Are You Really Writing From? Reading and Writing Place and Experience, by Adrienne Su
  • A Brief Response, by Louise Glück
  • Telling the Truth in Poetry, by Carl Dennis
  • Pants on Fire, by Kim Addonizio
  • “Father”, by Michael Ryan

Beguiling Beginnings in Fiction (issue 15)

  • On Lauren Groff’s “L. DeBard and Aliette”, by Caitlin Horrocks
  • On Edward P. Jones’s “The First Day”, by Marjorie Celona
  • On William Maxwell’s “So Long, See You Tomorrow”, by Maura Stanton
  • On Graham Greene’s “Under the Garden”, by David Lehman
  • On Barbara Comyns’s “The Vet’s Daughter”, by Maud Casey
  • On Flannery O’Connor’s “Good Country People”, by Alyson Hagy
  • On Stanley Elkins’s “A Poetics for Bullies”, by Tom Noyes
  • On Arthur Golden’s “Memoirs of a Geisha”, by Julia Glass

Translation Cruxes II (issue 14)

  • Like a Struck Tuning Fork: On Translating Sound in Tranströmer’s “The Station”, by Patty Crane
  • On Translating Choctaw Poems, by Marcia Haag
  • Sense and Serendipity: The Masochistic Art of Translating Surrealism, by Mark Polizzotti
  • Finding the Just Name: On Translating Ismailov, by Robert Chandler
  • Translating Thai Artist Wiser Ponnimit from Japanese to English, by Matthew Chozick
  • The Stones and the Earth: On Translating Wieslaw Myśliwski’s “Stone Upon Stone”, by Bill Johnston
  • On Translating Cavity’s “Come, O King of the Lacedaemonians”, by George Economou
  • The Homophobic Imagination: On Translating Modern Greek Poetry, by Karen Van Dyck

Translation Cruxes (issue 13)

  • On Translating Virgil, by David Ferry
  • From an Alphabet of Proust Translation Problems: Z, by Lydia Davis
  • On Translating Strand and Ashberry, by Damiano Abeni and Moira Egan
  • On Translating Tolstoy, by Rosamund Bartlett
  • On Translating Kavafy, by George Kalogeris
  • On Translating Szymborska, by Joanna Trzeciak
  • On Translating Eco, by Geoffrey Brock

Choice Cuts: Favorite Fiction Passages (issue 12)

  • On a passage from Alice Munro’s “Lives of Girls and Women”, by Ann Harlemann
  • On a passage from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby”, by Ralph Lombreglia
  • On a passage from Virginia Woolf’s “To the Lighthouse”, by Cornelia Nixon
  • On a passage from Virginia Woolf’s “Mrs. Dalloway”, by Elizabeth Searle
  • On two passages by Lewis Nordan, by John Dufresne
  • On a passage from Pam Houston’s “Dall”, by Melinda Moustakis
  • On a passage from Raymond Carver’s “Chef’s House”, by Bret Lott

Collaboration (issue 11)

  • Preface to “Making It Up”, by Ron Padgett
  • Woody Woodpecker Goes to Paris, by Allen Ginsburg and Kenneth Koch
  • Some Remarks of Collaboration, by Tom Whalen
  • Love as Rehearsal for Writing, by Lee Carroll
  • Collaboration Queens (Or How The Chapbook, ABBA: The Poems, Came to Be), by Denise Duhamel and Amy Lemmon
  • Changing the Record: A Poetry Collaboration in the ’70s and ’80s, by Ron Horning and David Lehman
  • The Story Behind Penguins, by Patty Mitchell
  • Where the Path Leads: Collaboration, Revision, and Friendship, by Lawrence Raab

Six Poets on Six Movies (issue 10)

  • On 35 Shots of Rum, by Claudia Rankine
  • Antonioni at Nineteen, by Jeffrey Harrison
  • Death, Cashews, and No Country for Old Men, by George Bilgere
  • On Lubitsch’s Angel, by Lloyd Schwartz
  • On Tomorrow is Forever, by Laurence Goldstein
  • Acting the Truth, by Linda Bamber

Altered Views: Fiction Reconsidered (issue 8)

  • On “In Time Which Made a Monkey of Us All” by Grace Paley, by Michael Griffith
  • On “I Used to Live Here Once” by Jean Rhys, by Sylvia Watanabe
  • On Rereading Gabriel García Márquez, by Julianna Baggott
  • On Rereading Donald Barthelme, by Peter Ho Davies
  • On “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” by Truman Capote, by Peter Turchi
  • On “Orlando” by Virginia Woolf, by Karen Brennan
  • On “The Window’s Children” by Paula Fox, by Charles Baxter