kind of

By Dylan Ecker

Featured art: Yawn by Ella Johnson

one of those no cardio
kind of days one of those
Crazy On You by Heart
kind of days one of those

why does the word cardioid
look fiercely snackable kind of
days one of those kind of
cadmic kind of cream puff

cloud cover kind of days one
can’t contain one of those
incorrect captcha please try
again incorrect captcha please

click here to complete secure
decryption kind of days one of
those bilk the Mario Kart blue
shell but fall victim to joycon

drift one of those okay wait
a second forgot to articulate
kind of days one of those
you could’ve sworn perfect

haircuts until coming home
crying at sunset wind chimes
recite secrets the car smells
like cardamom you call mom

Hello? I am such cursed crap
comfort me if you can be kind
cool down quit coffee I can’t
even kind of kind of days

Dylan Ecker’s poems of his in and around places like Indiana Review, RHINO, Outlook Springs, Hobart, and The Arkansas International.

Artist’s instagram: @ella.joh

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