Dark Forces

By Tara Orzolek

Apparently there are dark forces that are trying to mess with the cosmos.
I learn that & I learn that a boy I slept with out of pity in college is about to become famous.
I try to not send anything bad through him via the cosmos like brain waves with spikes.
Like a shark attack or something traveling invisible through space-time directly to his well-being. I try to be good this time.
I try to manage my accounts & wipe myself clean of spam & triple xxx junk.
I try to think good thoughts & procure good karma.
It will reign over me like a rainbow & I will strip naked to soak up all the good things
I get from these good thoughts.
Lower blood pressure & a spot in the afterlife etc.
But I strain to not let some bad molecules slip out & cause chaos.
Cause chaos for what?
Nothing really because he doesn’t remember me or does probably but doesn’t think about me. The sex was mediocre & although inexperienced I knew it could be better than that.
That it could feel like a bed closing up on you.
Surrounding you from all sides & bulleting liquid pleasure into your brain.
A multicolored injection of happiness.
It was in a sleigh bed.
The ceiling was above the sleigh bed & it was peeling.
I could not see the cosmos from there.

Tara Orzoleks poems have appeared in The Laurel Review, Columbia Journal, ELKE, and Word For/Word. Orzolek, who is currently working on a novel, lives in Northampton, Massachusetts.

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