Horse, Alone, November

By Joyce Peseroff

Featured Art: Prancing Horse by Jean Louis André Théodore Géricault

She’s teaching him

no harm will slither up his legs

like chilly steam above a pond at night,

or plummet from almost leafless trees

when she saddles his pasture-mate

and they swish between the pointed firs

into spectral woods. Left behind,

alone, he paces the golden perimeter

of fence post and electric wire,

a fragment of eternity falling

red on his rolling shoulder

when he jars the ground beneath

the gnomon in a field

a single maple makes.

Joyce Peseroff‘s sixth book of poems is Petition. Her fifth collection, Know Thyself, was a 2016 Massachusetts Book Award “must read.” She was founding director of the MFA program at UMass Boston; currently she writes a poetry column for Arrowsmith Press and blogs on writing and literature at <>.

Originally published in NOR 6

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