He Divides His Time Between

By Todd Boss

is a line I
always wanted
in my bio.

“He divides his
time between
Reykjavik and
Sandusky, Ohio.”

“He summers
on Lake Como
and winters
in Aspen.”

As it happens,
noplace is
like home.

We multiply
when we divide
our lives, our
loves, and our

Now my father’s
son is a ghost,
a wisp of smoke,
a metaphor.

He divides his
time between
nothing and
much and
matters and

Todd Boss’s books are published by W. W. Norton and Simon & Schuster. His
poems have appeared in The New Yorker, Poetry, The London Times, The
American Poetry Review,
and Best American Poetry. His lyrics have been performed
at Kennedy Center, Carnegie Hall, and around the world. He is the founder
of Motionpoems, whose poetry films have been presented in Cannes, London,
New York, Los Angeles, and elsewhere.

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