First Night at Super Paradise

By Laura Linart

Featured Art: some quiet morning in Athens, OH by Sue-Yeon Ryu

Give me a lesson in planetary frisson. Snake
like a vine running up my nervous system.

Provoke me. Ask, even as you trace the length
of my thigh, Isn’t it surreal that we’re here?

Isn’t it surreal? Suspended in heaven,
we’ve got front row seats to the ocean.

We spend time like billionaires. We dance
in slow motion. There’s an angel spinning EDM.

I’m under hypnosis. Take the first bite. Taste
the strobe light. Feel the beat begin to fall.

Down here, gravity loves us. The crowd pulses
in its thrall. Temporal rhythm, room spinning,

my back against the wall. It’s so crude
how my body wants you, animal after all.

Laura Linart is a poet and writer based out of New York City. You can find her work published or forthcoming in Green Mountains Review, The Rumpus, 580Split, and Luna Luna Magazine, among others. She’s a member of Brooklyn Poets as well as an MFA candidate at Sarah Lawrence College. Say hi to her on IG @Pennyscientist

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