ASL on Memory

by Cody Wilson

Here is the sign for remember:

With one thumb, pull a line
from the spool in your forehead and set to tether
on the cleat of your other thumb.

Now the hull of your head can stay
docked to this thought.

Here is forget:

 Wipe your forehead with fingers
—the sign of relief—then pull
them into your palm.

Except your thumb. That sticks up,
like there is something good about this.

(Click “Read More” to see this poem signed by Kirsten Pribula)

Cody Wilson teaches English and Creative Writing in Arizona. He has an MFA from Queens University of Charlotte. His chapbook, Nobody is Ever Missing, was published by Tolsun Books. Some of his work appears at Juxtaprose, The Southampton Review, Juked, Emrys, and ARC (forthcoming).

Kirsten Pribula is a graphic designer and photographer from Dayton, OH. Kirsten graduated from Sinclair Community College with an A.A.S (Associates of Applied Science) in Visual Communications as well as from Ohio University with a Cum Laude B.F.A degree in Graphic Design.

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