Portrait of Love as Failed Vocabulary Quiz

by Kristin Robertson

May I call you endeavor? May I call you
gingerly? I haven your sleek and luminous
ovation. My ardent of the mercenary, I’ll infinite
the wrangle, hovering and turbulent, for you.
Sublime citadel, listen to this intricate as it
teems. Let’s muse your decipher like a serene,
a voracious. Let’s just connoisseur. Is this
an awry between us or a crusade? Say era.
Say epoch. I gather handfuls of the panoramas
and the culminate: Say yes. I will comb your
legendary, straighten your desolate. My mouth
staminas ever ever for your succumb. Don’t you
hear the fluster, that sweet forfeit? You still
phenomenon me. Together, we phenomena.

Kristin Robertson is the author of Surgical Wing (Alice James Books, 2017). Her poetry has appeared recently or is forthcoming in Ploughshares, The Southern Review, The Threepenny Review, and Kenyon Review, among other journals. She teaches creative writing at Tennessee Wesleyan University.

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