Aubade with Looney Tunes

By Matthew Luzitano

Featured Art: Chelly Canyon by Alice Kagawa Parrott

Your love is a tunnel
painted on a canyon wall.
My love is an Acme,
ripped open despite

certain failure. The TV,
at least, is turned on,
and you say, “Well, that makes
one of us.” Years of this bickering—

can’t Bugs and Daffy
just kiss already? Instead,
the duck marches into the glade
of a dozen cocked rifles.

Why does desire keep ending
in violence? The cat catches
white paint and the skunk
tears apart Paris after her.

You want more thrills? Let’s run
over something in the road.
If the two of us follow the sunset
off a cliff but never look down

are we really falling? In this episode,
lover is a word that means
two people embracing
the same stick of dynamite.

Matthew Luzitano lives south of Boston with his wife Andrea and their three children. Luzitano’s work has appeared in 32 PoemsThe Collagist, and Brilliant Corners.

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