Other People’s Ranch Dressing

By Kate Maclam

Featured Art: by Au Lido Plate no.14 (1920)

I wanted to smell less like
a restaurant and more like
a woman.
I tried my best.
All the women I know could
have sex with famous men
like J Hamm or Leo D or BJ.
All the women I know smell like
French Vanilla perfume
and fresh cigarettes.
They smell like thin people.
When I describe them I say,
she is thin like a rich person.
I say, she eats paper
and melts diamonds,
to stay thin—
she huffs paint thinner.
I say, she has never touched
another person’s ranch dressing
or brushed it onto her thigh
where it looked like
the seed of a famous man
or anyone really.

Kate MacLam is living in Minnesota. She received an MFA from Minnesota State University, Mankato. Her poems have appeared in Puerto del Sol, Waxwing, and Willow Springs, among other journals.

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