The Ideal Budweiser Customer Watches a Budweiser Commercial

By Danny Caine

Featured Art: Drugs by Richard Estes

Oh shit I love “Landslide.”
I was going to get up to piss but then I heard me some Fleetwood Mac.
Hey that’s a pretty farm, too. Farms are dope.
Wait, oh goddamn it it’s a baby horse lying in some fucking sawdust.

That baby horse is so cute I can’t even handle it right now.
I am literally unsure how to proceed.
And now the horse is being fed from a bottle?
The hell am I supposed to do with that?

Dammit now the horse and the dude are playing and stuff.
Fuck me if I don’t love a playful goddamn horse.
Look! A Budweiser truck. Budweiser!

I should like this brand on Facebook.
I should follow this brand on Twitter.
I really should make an effort to engage
with this brand on social media.

Wait, that’s a horse trailer. And our dude
is shaking hands with the driver? Is he—



Somebody get me a Budweiser.

Danny Caine is the author of the book HOW TO RESIST AMAZON AND WHY, forthcoming from Microcosm Publishing, and the poetry collections CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST, EL DORADO FREDDY’S, and FLAVORTOWN. Owner of the Raven Book Store, he lives in Lawrence, Kansas.

Originally published in NOR 15

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