By Eric Torgersen

Featured Art: Elk and Buffalo Making Acquaintance, Texas by George Catlin

Had enough of the old lonesome-and-blue scenario?
Up for a shot at the old I-love-you scenario?

Man enough to leave your comfort zone
in the good old get-drunk-and-screw scenario?

Let’s be real. Love hurts. Even you, you stud, you.
Sure you can handle the old boo-hoo scenario?

Don’t even try to guess what she really wants;
be ready for the old you-don’t-have-a-clue scenario.

Tell her, “I’ll always honor your personhood.”
What’s more of a drag than the old I’m-a-person-too scenario?

It’s never not a good time to say, “My bad.”
Don’t lean too hard on the old I-never-knew scenario.

Caught in a little white lie? You’re in deep shit
if you trapped yourself in the old I-swear-it’s-true scenario.

Make sure she’s down with each new trick in the sack
or you’ll run smack into the old that’s-taboo scenario.

Like what you’re getting, but not sure she’s The One?
You can string her along with the old don’t-rock-the-canoe scenario,

but sooner or later it’s gut-check time in Texas
and there’s no way around the old we’re-through scenario

unless you’ve got the cojones to suck it up
and go all in on the old I-do scenario.

And don’t say Eric never warned you: lovers
and poets live or die by the old make-it-new scenario.

Eric Torgersen’s most recent book is In Which We See Our Selves: American Ghazals, Mayapple Press, 2017. He is completing a third book about Rilke, after Dear Friend: Rainer Maria Rilke and Paula Modersohn-Becker, and the novella The Man Who Loved Rilke.

Originally published in NOR 6

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