Mango Languages

By Linda Bamber

Featured Art by Winslow Homer

—For Chris Bullock (in memoriam) and Carolyn Bernstein

In that world people are not discussing The End of the American Experiment.

       Yo soy de los Estados Unidos. ¿De dónde es usted?
        (I am from the United States. Where are you from?)

In that world people are not in a rage at their relatives for voting wrong and
sticking to it.

         ¡Tu hermano se parece más a tu abuelito que a ti!
         (Your brother looks more like your grandpa than you!)

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Near the Campo Aponal, on My Father’s Birthday

By David Brendan Hopes

Featured Art: A Rocky Coast by William Trost Richards

De Sandro’s café with the orange tablecloths
wades into the one stone street
without tourists, all the Venetians pushing
their big delivery carts at first of morning.
From what I understand of it,
the shouting is voluble,
happy, glad to be alive, almost never
without reference to anatomy.

Nine years after your death it is still your birthday.
I’m treating you to cappuccino and showing off
my lacework of Italian.
Ecco, I cry, pointing to the beautiful faces,
the beautiful things.

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